There are many therapies available today which all draw on the time-honoured knowledge of Chinese Medicine Theory and the Meridian system.  Each of these therapies has its own individual foundational theories, known benefits and varying methods of application.  Research has confirmed the validity and existence of the Meridians and their Acupoints.  In Daoyin Tao® we use this information to affect our potential.  With Daoyin Tao® we use a collection of specific points in combination with stylised Western massage techniques to create a powerful synergy.

Daoyin Tao® is based on techniques which have been used in Chinese hospitals and clinics for thousands of years.  This, coupled with the initial intention to help migraine and sinus sufferers gives it a strong clinical origin.  Our massage techniques are a synergy of flowing. sweeping movements combined with specific point work on the surface of the face, neck, shoulders, ears and scalp.  We use oil and fingertip pressure rather than needles or knuckles.

With Daoyin Tao®, it is HOW we work the points which, makes the special influence experienced our thousands of satisfied and impressed recipients.  The techniques may look simple and flowing however, the effect is what prompts the comment “Feeling is Believing!”

Treatments are performed with the client reclined, not seated.  We know from our client feedback that Daoyin Tao® elicits a deeper therapeutic effect.

There are bound to be some similarities at first glance as we are incorporating the use of the Acupoints and Meridians; however, the amazing massage synergy created with Daoyin Tao® goes beyond any individual massage approach applied to the same area.

What types of conditions can receive benefit?

Most common conditions affecting the head, neck and shoulders requiring decongestion (sinus problems), analgesia and re balancing and deep relaxation can gain benefit.  Daoyin Tao® may in many cases extend its benefit beyond the area being treated, making this a whole body and totally holistic therapy.

Daoyin Tao® meets the recipient at their pint and place of need.  It is not necessary for the practitioner to understand or even be aware of the levels requiring healing, as the effect is individual and self-determining.

How will I feel afterwards?

Everybody receives different levels of benefit; however, feelings of warmth, physical and emotional release deep inner calm are common.  Some people feel revitalised immediately.  As a sign of the deep effectiveness from the treatment, some recipients may experience a healing crisis following the first session, which brings your existing condition to a higher awareness temporarily.  This is actually a very positive indicator of the deep healing action of Daoyin Tao®