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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage


Indian Head Massage | K2U TherapiesFor over 4,000 years Indian Head Massage has played an important role in Indian daily life, however it was only brought to the UK in 1981 by Narendra Mehta (pictured right). During the 1970s, whilst training as a physiotherapist in the UK Narendra Mehta discovered that none of the massage disciplines incorporated head massage, so decided to return to Indian in 1978 and research the various methods used. Being blind, his other senses were finally tuned which allowed him to develop a therapy that would bring the greatest relief to the multitude of problems concentrated in the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms.

Feel totally relaxed after this therapeutic treatment, excellent for muscle tension, stimulates circulation, improves sleep, helps to lessen or eliminate headaches and eye-strain caused by fatigue and stress.

30 Minute Session


A FREE confidential consultation precedes all treatments to ensure individual health needs are addressed and that there is no medical reason to prevent treatment being carried out. Anyone under medical supervision or taking medication is advised to consult their GP/Healthcare provider prior to booking an appointment.